December 18, 2009

New Moon, New Vampires, New Hair…Have You Noticed How Wonderful Vampires Hair is?

Blood Is The Ultimate Fertilizer For Hair Strands

Vamp88454671ires seem to be ‘all the rage’ . . . and as much as I love the Vampires Diaries and True Blood…I find all of them have one common denominator . . . Deadly Gorgeous Thick Luscious Hair ;-)  I just had to turn one more time to the 14 STEPS of 10,000HEADS…
Step #1 is YOGA. Why is Yoga so damn important for healthy thick hair? its a one word answer. . . INVERSIONS 
10,000 heads - 14 STEPS - 02 -- 12-09
Downward Dog, Headstands, Handstands, and the list goes on. In simple language: Being Upside DOWN. Turning Gravity into your friend, by inverting your body and letting that red-oxygen rich blood to travel to parts of the body it has never been. To the root of the hair . . . where the growth of every new hair strand begins. Vampires spend a lot of time upside-down – and so should YOU!
Being upside down is important . . .and why?89832403
Blood is the very best fertilizer in town for hair – oxygen rich – Vitamin packed BLOOD. Its such a simple and logical answer. 8 years ago when I started YOGA classes I never thought ‘that’ bonus would come from it. Its part of the reason Madonna, Aniston, Cox, SJP Parker,and 3/4 of Hollywood practices YOGA.
The supreme benefits the hair receives. I was already taking the SS  Secret Supplement daily,so I had the most tremendous boost in not only the thickness of my hair, but the length it grows to…I didn’t think I could get any happier or pleased with my little system of improving hair thickness, length and growth rate.
For someone of my age to have hair to the elbows is just nutty. Especially when I have never had hair this long in my life…I still laugh every time I brush it and can brush it in the front of my body without having to lift my arms - - - it tickles my forearms, I have never in my life had that sensation. What added another 3 inches  and even more thickness? Yoga. 83373923 Plain and simple. Yoga, doing DOWNWARD dog and being inverted is an absolute GOLD MINE  . . .  and I had no idea when I started my 3 year trek into the world and life of a YOGI, that would be the result. What a supremely pleasant gift.86514854
There was not a time in my life I was stronger - -  and my hair was never better. Its funny to me that none of the magazines (Gossip or otherwise) have ever reported this fact. It is widely known here in southern Cal. Get that body of yours upside down so your blood fertilizes the hair roots...10 minutes a day works absolute miracles.78027209
Everyone has Oxygen Fertilizer for the Hair Strand....built right in their body. Problem is GRAVITY works against putting it where it needs to be to do the most good. Its in our legs - our feet - the lower half of our body.83589219
What we must do is INVERT our body so the blood goes to our head, stay upside long enough so the blood goes to the scalp and literally fertilizes the hair bulb, where the hair's cycle begins and ends. If you nourish it, give it the blood/oxygen and vitamins it needs that 3 stage cycle the hair goes through is longer, stronger and naturally it just works more efficiently. That cycle is where the ultimate 'length' of your hair is determined...and it CAN be changed if you start on and stay on 10,000HEADS and the 14 steps we offer you.85497865 This one is overlooked and I'm telling you I have seen this step be the trigger on many clients.friends & family even. For many,this was the step…that pushed their hair over into the FANTASTIC stage.... 

How many of you know what DOWNWARD DOG IS? 93228642
If you don't you must find out. . . get yourself to a YOGA CLASS, purchase a DVD, even buy the Wii game that is a YOGA INSPIRED is worth every penny. Especially if you cannot afford Yoga classes, you live where they don’t have them, or your ‘time’ is limited. There is always answer to practicing YOGA.
Your hair will love you. It may sound silly to you, but I had a professional surfer that 10,000HEADS worked absolute miracles on...he became a very dedicated YOGI, going 5X times/week, but when he became injured he was super worried that his hair loss ( that we had reversed) would return. So he came up with a Plan “B” even!84426832
He hung his head off the side of the sofa while he laid his bizarre attempt to get his blood fertilizer in action...
For hair's health and hairs growth cycle having the bulb at the stem of the hair strand nourished fully with oxygen rich blood is the single best boost I recommend to my clients.
The month prior to awards shows - people begin the 10,000HEADS NITRO Course. Which includes getting your hair jettisoned into the best health we can possibly pull off for it...
Minimum of 10 and up to 20 minutes upside down every single day for 5 days per week.79708945
Downward Dog is the pose that is most used…Its simple, it does the trick and it is the best stress reliever as well. A lot of the 10,000 heads Regimen deals also with getting rid of your stress.
I happen to feel stress can cause illness…I realize that is a bold statement, but more times than I want to count,people I have known in my life have become ill following heavy periods of stress. You cannot just think about it. . .  you must motivate yourself to get to those classes…get your self upside down. Watch things change . .  your life, your hair. . .  as silly as you may think it sounds  - - you will change your tune when things begin flourishing.
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3 comments on "New Moon, New Vampires, New Hair…Have You Noticed How Wonderful Vampires Hair is?"
  1. Very interesting post. What discipline/type of yoga do you practice? Can you recommend a good DVD?

  2. I studied under Ana Forest, who pretty much has her own macho-type style ( not very true to the history- but she has ner own DVD's) but I have been a professional athelete for over 30 years, so it suit me.
    I feel everyone must find their own "style" and type. My girlfriend whose hair changed when she had been on 10,000 HEADS for a year with no luck...started IYENGAR, although I lovingly call it 'furniture Yoga' its a good style for people who aren't very limber.
    YOGA is not a competition, it is not "made for limber people", it is for all types -- all styles of peoples bodies.
    There are hundreds of different styles.
    Kundalini is wonderful.
    I would not suggest trying anything with the words POWER AND YOGA in the title. I think that is ridiculous.
    That's me.
    I think if you haven't ever practiced your best bet might be to go to Amazon and do a SEARCH on YOGA DVD's.
    They always have the top ordered.
    So that would be the most all around....I was heavily involved in all aspects including "teacher TRaining" I was studying to teach Yoga to Prisoners on Death Row.

    Then one day I began coughing in YOGA class and couldn't stop.
    Which is how I discovered my illness had returned. That was the last Advanced Yoga class I ever took.
    A very sad day for me.

  3. I just wanted to say that I completely agree with you when it comes to the connection between mental well being and physical well being. It sounds crazy and hokey-pokey, but I swear by it.
    It's amazing and a little frightening what stress and unhappiness can do to a person's health. The mind is an incredibly powerful thing.



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