December 27, 2008

Hello HALO: from the City of Angels; comes the product made for all Angels : Graham Webb's --> HALO HIGH GLOSS RINSE

When I first went exploring on the INTERNET to see what was available regarding "Hair" web sites / Blogs , I found out almost every single one were actually "Product Reviews", which baffled me. How about You ? It still baffles me. There is no real hair e600528ducation and none of the owners of the sites are licensed Cosmetologists, Stylists, Colorists, nor Make-up artists . . . they are one thing . . .many of them are great writers.  Very snazzy, very technically correct and extremely verbally educated.
That part makes me jealous.
ALTHOUGH . . . if I had to choose, I'd still choose having the education over the technical writing skills. I continue to be baffled about the fact that most of the beauty web sites are written by non-professional's. Anyone? Although I know why many of my former colleagues do not choose this method over the Salon method (first off there is simply no way in Hell you could do both - there simply are not enough hours in a day). This, as hard as it may seem to comprehend, is much more time consuming and not nearly as profitable. A top Hair Stylist can make 6 figures, easily...yes, it takes a while but once you are there. . . you can only keep going up.
The deal is though, when you have one of these type of sites, you can call nearly any company . . . tell them you are interested in reviewing their products and they will send you a sampling of their top products - complimentary - of course.  Which may sound all well and good to most of you, but have you ever heard the line "be careful what  you "wish for . . .   74423778
      I still have yet to find much in the way of honest Hair Education, Hair Color Education . . . anywhere. How about you>?  If any of you have any suggestions for other sites you are impressed with would you mind sharing with me? It is very hard for me to spend much time surfing the web, when I can hardly catch up with my emails for the week.
Point being --> I've Yet to Develop my List of Favorite Products - FOR EVERY CATEGORY. Like "my" favorite HAIR SPRAY. My favorite sulfate-Free shampoo, my Favorite HAIR DRYER, etc, etc . . but am trying to get the list together so maybe by END OF January 2009 I will have it put together for you all and by then Detour will be able to teach me how to make a new Page on this Blog to display it on. I'm hoping to bribe him with a shipment of one product of whatever he wants! Remember he is our trusty Manager from Australia - so that makes the shipment a big deal .
What I have found, that in 16 years I have never come across a product this great from this category. I keep laughing every time I start to write this post, be CAUSE it just sounds so darn funny to me. Plus I know every top Stylist/Colorist will also be snickering at this, "yeah sure'' will be steaming out of their ears, I promise would out of mine. Although I went for a cruise looking for any PRESS on this product and it is starting to hit everywhere already, so soon this should be everywhere, I'm disappointed in myself, I used to know these things a year or so ahead of the rest of the universe.  A reminder to get my butt in to the Reps and TUNE IN...
No one has or had mastered this technology.
Until now. 46b011aa-65bf-d230-4374-6889e35a0f94
High GLOSS Shine  + one that seriously works for a week or 2 + it is truly amazing. 
Years ago I'm sure most of you remember the "Cellophane" technology first introduced by Sebastian . . . or maybe you at least read about it? Yes - - - No ? ? ? Well, anyway in the early 90's a brand new "landmark" technology was introduced to the Hair World  and it was introduced as: Cellophane's, which supposedly gave the hair a clear or colored shear coating on the hair strand that was supposed to last about 4-5 weeks.
My problem with it when I first got in this biz was that it did NOT come out - at ALL. Things like that, which are that permanent, in my opinion, should NOT be put on the hair. Everything should gradually wash out, the tiniest bit possible per shampoo is the ultimate in what top Colorists look for, we do not want to be cutting the hair to get it out, clients do not like that having to happen at ALL. It can ruin,severely a great hair cut.      Not desirable.
As before I try to test new products for 30 days in my standard TEST RUNS....on clients,off clients, on doll heads, under microscopes, silly ways too > applying in incorrectly PLUS correctly. One thing I did with this is leave it on a clients hair for a couple hours while she was here hanging out anyway helping with another unrelated  project - the PROPER Directions : Apply to towel dried hair - comb in evenly. Leave in for 3-5 minutes. Wrap in heat for long-lasting gloss.  Rinse thoroughly.                                   leaving it in for a few hours was a HUGE HUGE mistake, so you now know that one. Leaving this on LONGER is not the proper liberty to take with this one, it leaves it all Gunked Up . . and slimy kind of - weird - but definitely NOT what you want. . .you live <> you Learn. So I've maybe not put it through all my tests, but it is a very light type product, there is no developer or processing liquid of any kind it all comes in one bottle  - - so therefore -- no large chemical reaction is taking place.
The HALO Line is made by Graham WEBB  HighGlossRinse_SMALL . . . which in the 'old' days when it was owned by itself was a very well respected line on its own. I actually  don't know what happened to it, well it got bought up by GERMAN <> Wella, one of my favorite companies....and now it is owned under the huge umbrella that is known as P & G Hair Care. Proctor and Gamble USA, the single largest hair manufacturing company in the world ( maybe that's what happened !?! ha ha )
Now in doing some research on this new wonder-product that I just, had not heard of until now, I discovered some even better and more satisfying news about its ingredients that made me even happier { you must understand this just hardly ever happens to me anymore, so I have been stunned about it for a few weeks now... ever so anxious to tell you all, my new little secret } . The ingredient list has got a WOW factor to it, you all are so lucky . . . you have me watching out for products that have the proper ingredients in it . . . there will never be anything on my personal site  that I don't endorse . The Ad's well you all know I have nothing to say about those, remember that. .[ they help Killer Strands exist for FREE, remember, so support them as often as you can - every little bit helps]iStock_000005979465Medium
Now back to the Graham Webb products called HALO..... they have this wonderful technology that goes hand in hand with 2 threads we were talking about in the Group . . . Panthenol and the "good" alcohols that help the hair, which you should try to learn the names of.
All Graham Webb products contain an active ingredient called Thermacore Complex, which turns hot water, blow dryers and styling tools into beneficial, conditioning treatments. When the heat from water or styling tools reaches 98° F or above, Thermacore Complex crystals break down into molecular particles small enough to penetrate into the hair shaft. By working from within the hair shaft, Thermacore Complex obtains the optimum level of benefits, without any build-up or coating on the hair. These penetrating crystals help give hair condition, moisture and protection, yet still allow hair to remain full of volume, bounce, and body.
This is a magnified view of the Thermacore® Complex conditioning crystal before being broken down by heat of 98° or above (water or a blow dryer).

Once heated, the crystal breaks down into molecular particles small enough to penetrate the hair shaft working to repair and restore even the most damaged hair.

Panthenol is a vitamin B5 derivative with moisturizing properties that help repair, thicken and strengthen damaged hair.

Allantoin, derived from comfrey root, is also known for its moisture content, water binding capabilities and ability to maintain softness.
myristyl alcohol

Myristyl Alcohol is one of the GOOD alcohol's so remember the name  . . .  it is a conditioning emollient derived from coconut, which serves as the binding vehicle for the entire complex.
All the HALO products have this cool little Thermacore complex
within the formula, so to be truthful you cannot go wrong I am imagining, the thing is, as is with most lines of products there are 1,2 maybe 3 individual products if they are super lucky, within one line that are great. I had only heard great things about this one product even though there are a whole lot more products , I simply don't have the time to test every product out, so I only focus on the ones I hear personal - reputable -  RAVES about.
Here's the blurb from the company about the High Gloss RINSE :
Illuminate and protect hair color with this weekly high gloss rinse that intensifies color vibrancy while maximizing shine and luminosity.
Features & Benefits:
- Translucent formula wraps each hair strand in a protective gloss for unprecedented vibrancy.
- Cationic conditioning detects hair's neediest areas to deposit shine where hair needs it most.
- Speed selective processing delivers results in as little as five minutes. Heat and additional time may be used for heightened shine results.
- Halo's exclusive Illuminating Color Protection technology seals in hair color to prolong its vibrancy and reflects light to reveal a luminous, radiant glow.

I try to bring you on my site, the best of the best -- so you know what you order will be the best in a category -- period.
I will eventually have a very clean - minimalist - shopping cart where you will be able to purchase each one in a very normal fashion . . . this next year will reveal a lot - - to me; my body; and my health. I will either have room to improve or not and will have only one other direction to go in. So my thoughts and all my work will be positive this year and hopefully I will win! 
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I will be sending samples with January orders, or you can order it
right here
right now
thank you,
Killer chemist
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  1. Just dropped by to say hello. I am an educator currently in Michigan. Just started my blog hoping to help educate students and others in cosmetology. I hope you'll stop by! =)

  2. I've been a loyal follower of your blog for some time now but I have to be honest--I found this particular post somewhat disparaging and insulting. I am one of those unlicensed bloggers that you feel is unqualified to write about cosmetic products. Most of us do not claim to be professionals and review products/offer advise based on our own experiences with said products only.

    Being licensed doesn't necessarily equate with expertise; a lot of so-called professionals have no idea what they are doing. If such was not the case, some of us (myself included) wouldn't feel the need to educate ourselves about hair color.

    I enjoy and appreciate your blog; it's unfortunate that you do not appreciate other blogs aside from the technical aspect. The great thing about the internet is that we don't all have to agree to coexist.


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