November 24, 2007

Hows Your Turkey Hangover Girls?

Ya gotta love


excellent for the hair

I plan to start a new short series Sunday for the week, had a couple of ideas and then I thought...
Tis' the Season of giving and being thankful....How about requests

I thank many of you for your riveting emails, long chats, and the realization that I wish I could clone a healthier me, to help everyone out. When I was terribly busy in the Salon..I use to tell my clients....If I was super wealthy I would do and teach hair for free.... Just so the right information got out there . I feel that no one has given the American public the proper info about healthy hair and hair color. A very few big conglomerates run the whole mess, and they have you all by the balls (if we had them). People actually think they care about their hair.When I see Heather Locklear, hawking Hair color while at the same time wearing a wig....I ask myself, "where is truth in advertising".. Not even celebs who have plenty of money already, have any morals. There is NO WAY in the world Locklear uses that crap in a box. So there you have 2 complete and outright lies. The Hair color kits that are a billion dollar endeavor are destroying the hair of good women everywhere. It just infuriates me, to no end, can you tell?Its funny how "hair" as an occupation is rated way way down on the Totem Pole...YET, from the responses I get it sounds as though many of you would give anything for a talented and educated Hair Stylist. You get what you pay for....that statement holds true in all facets of life. ALL, even hair.

Is there anything -- anyone is just dyeing (!!) to know about?

I'm getting warmed up again... this will be a good month for those of you dedicated to KillerStrands... I have one request..... Please recommend the site to at least one know. I guarantee you -- the people you would least suspect, LOVE to read about hair.

Check both sites everyday the new daily photos have started as well. The goal: to combine them both on one website.

Thank You for all the warm and wonderfully complimentary remarks...I really do appreciate them all.

I will remind you the idea is to ask questions through the "comments" section so that others can learn from our discussions. I guarantee if you have a question that has been bothering you about your hair there are another 50 people with it as well, and they are ecstatic if they see it being talked about.

When you do ask....please answer the 10 basics ( about your hair)so our conversation can easily solve your problem...

I'm not going anywhere

Killer Chemist
November 8, 2007

A Problem Split in 2 for YOU

Had it with long hair?

Too frightened to go short yet . . .

Mid-length is the answer
. . . . Its a favorite of mine to really defines the face & and can add spark to your step

November 2, 2007

How Dark is too Dark?

The Beauty and Depth of Dark Hair is Undeniable . . . the fall is perfect timing . . . give it a try
this photo of kelly Clarkson has her in "clip-in" Extensions, which are the only type I believe in...all the others are just too hard on your own hair (I believe Britney Spears has been the best testament to that statement).
Add some crazy colors (underneath) . . . they're subtle . . . yet give a hint of "wild & crazy" under your cool and calm appearance....this is a great release when you get that feeling of "rebellion" flowing through your veins....(and is a lot less long lasting than a tattoo!)

An Emu cut for those of you with wavy hair....the trick?... the long pieces

Her Hair was cut for her "umbrella" song....can you see the "umbrella" shape in the cut? Brilliant of her hairstylist
Same cut as Rihanna's...part on opposite side and a hidden block of color for interest.
Blocks -- Ribbons -- and all sorts of pieces and chunks of all sorts of different colors are back in for the winter . . . I love it!