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Killerstrands truly is a one of a kind trinity, celebrating the Hair world. I have 3 web sites helping you learn the professional tricks getting your hair health & color . . . on the road to amazing! 
  • Hair Blog......which you are on right now! / 
  • A Store for you to purchase the products KC talks about here in the Blog !
  • Killerstrands own Group.....for those who either don't want to spend the time reading the Blog, or find it confusing to begin your own home hair coloring project. This is where you can talk one on one with KC and have help from our Group manager getting started in the group as well (there is a small monthly fee)
I am referred to as KC (Killer Chemist) as my students, clients and "Crib Colorists" refer to me as - received training from the top cosmetology academy in the world, or the "Harvard of Hair Schools - the Vidal Sassoon Academy". I also bring my experience in the field of coloring where I colored over 10,000 heads of hair. I have a love for both the artistic and chemistry side of the hair world - meshing both together for my biggest thrill !

When I started up my hair blog, the most frequently asked question was, "If you are so knowledgeable, why aren't you working your magic in a salon?" Its not an easy question for me and the full answer is in the page: 'Killerstrands Mission'.

Once the Killerstrands Blog was up and running for a bit, she began to receive requests from all sorts of women and men from all over the country who could not find decent hair care in their home towns. KC couldn't believe the amount of misinformation that was out there.

Out of the Blog, came the Killerstrands 1st group, then the second, and then the 3rd go at it, what we have now . You must become a member of this group for the 'inside info,  and to be able to ask questions of KC directly. From the Blog and the Group came the newest addition - the Killerstrands Store

 The top 3 selling items are a few of KC's concoctions, items she feels deliver to the hair what no other product does. KC has had a hair oil for 15 years, never believing in the "oil-free' theory....because if they don't use oil what do they use in its place? The product we call a hair conditioner has to have oil & water in order to make an emulsion, which is what the technical name for a hair "conditioner" is ! 

Killerstrands 3 basic products.......are always are top sellers. If you have curly hair you MUST own GLEAM. EVERYONE must own Gleam, I am most proud of its results!
  1. THRIVEN (deep conditioner) plus the Secret Supplement information, and 
  2. GLEAM - a hair oil using only the highest quality rare and exotic oils available &
  3. INTENSIVE - Post Color Treatment - /pH balancer + Locks in Hair Color as well. Key to Best Color on planet Earth. Helps to protect & enhance semi/demi and permanent hair color treatments, locking in color and returning hair to proper pH level.

KC happily marvels that she continues to help people learn about the best hair care and coloring available. She has 79 topics right now she is waiting to write on so the idea of an 'end' is not very realistic. There is so much more to teach and so many more people out there to help. 

This should give you hair health tips only reserved for the wealthy and celebrities............ ..Soak-it-up ! ! !

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